Call for Papers & Workshops
Automotive Ethernet Congress 2018
January 30 - 31, 2018 l Hilton Munich Park, Germany

More than 800 participants, speakers and exhibitors attended the third Automotive Ethernet Congress to exchange views and present information on the current level of this technology. Now, with a call for papers, it's time to prepare for the fourth Automotive Ethernet Congress on January 30-31, 2018 in Munich.

This year's congress already made it quite clear: It's no longer a question of whether Ethernet should be implemented in automobiles — but of how to do it. Seen longterm, 10-Gbit/s Ethernet is the target aimed at by the sector, and at the same time the enormous challenge awaiting. En route to this goal, there are bound to be stages in between, the favorite being an extra 5-Gbit/s Ethernet variant.

The Automotive Ethernet Congress brings a wide survey of the many, diverse technical innovations. Plus, accompanied by practically oriented contributions, it tables substantial assistance for concrete implementation of Ethernet projects: Application-related and solution-based papers convey sound, well-founded professional expertise for all those wanting to explore and utilize the full potential of automotive Ethernet. Extra to that the Automotive Ethernet Congress 2018 offers participants the opportunity in workshops to discuss a problem in small groups and possibly solve it. You're very welcome to present your own questions for in-depth examination and comment.

Take part in the Automotive Ethernet Congress 2018 with technical papers, examples from real-life practice, workshops and reports of experience. Send us your suggestions on topics like the following:

  • Introduction: fundamentals for Ethernet users
  • Automotive architecture: integrating Ethernet in the overall network
  • Physical layer: new solutions for 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s
  • Interoperability tests: components working together
  • Audio/video transmission: AVB and TSN in practice
  • Safety and security: critical applications with Ethernet
  • Use cases: new possibilities for Ethernet use
  • Tools: test and development systems
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: from cable to compliance testing
  • Outlook: en route to 10 Gbit/s — requirements, challenges, new data rates

These are just a few ideas for a paper you might propose. You're welcome to send us an abstract on other aspects in and around the automotive Ethernet topic.

We're looking forward to all your interesting proposals. The closing date for submissions is July 29, 2017.

Stefanie Eckardt
Elektronik automotive
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